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A style of gameplay
Started by XGh0stz



10 Mar 2020
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14 Mar 2020

I play by a special set of rules that I've created myself which gives me the full minecraft experience every time I start a new game no matter how experienced I am. The best way to explain this would be to remember the very first day you played minecraft vs. how you currently play minecraft today. Once you know the game, you usually skip all the simple aspects and just go straight into the more advanced aspects instead. But this does eliminate a lot of your first/starting game experience, thus the reason I decide to progress so slowly...

Upon entering a mc server, I ignore any free gifts or kits if offered and just head straight into the wild. But, I would actually accept a free bed just to be able to "sleep" through the nights because otherwise the game gets a little boring waiting in some cave for night to pass (Been there, done that) :P

When I do find a suitable area, I begin my own version of the game. For at least the first day, I only have my hands to work with and start collecting and constructing dirt structures. A small cavern most of the time otherwise some dirt hut or something. stone is cleared using fists and that takes quite some time to do...

Then I start with the Tree Of Life which a small area dedicated to a small tree that I may break down to get wood. However, this is the only tree I allow myself to harvest, but must replant it after every harvest. So not that much wood to work with, but certainly better than nothing. After another day or so that goes by, I will then "Discover" basic wood crafts allowing me to make wood tools and small wood crafts such as fences.

The key for me to "Discover" something is to build something up for it before allowing myself to claim it. If I want fishing, then will need to build up on a small lake usually with a tiny pier and barrels. Or a field in a proper area with a composer if I wanted to start planting wheat. Or let's say I want to start breeding simple farm animals and use the resources, then I would need to build some form of simple pen. Yet, I would need wheat first otherwise breeding cows or sheep for example would still be impossible...

With limited wood, I would then consider building a "Lumber Station" in order to freely cut down trees as needed. Wood leads to fire, fire to cooking and there are a lot of simple mechanics in the game we simply take granted for, but by playing this way, I will never miss anything again! Although, progress greatly slows in the game, makes things last much much longer in the long run.

The game difficulty setting I go by is usually "Hard" as I like my games to be very challenging. And if I die, it is game over. But only if the reason is considered "Legit". This state of reasoning varies, but an example of a not legit death could be something like being distracted at home or some game glitch. While a legit reason would still be you fell into some sand covered steep trench or that creeper came out of nowhere!

However, the whole death thing may need to remastered or just changed altogether...

Well anyway, now you have an idea of how I play my MC Game :)

ReZurrecti0n · about 1 year ago