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Fun Minecraft Video Series
about 1 year ago

Stumbled across this by accident while browsing the Minecraft News.
Fun continuing video series (best I can tell).  I look forward to seeing future episodes!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Server Update - 1.16.3 & Optifine
about 1 year ago

Thanks to Keetrainchild for bumping us up to 1.16.3.  
This also means you need to freshen up your Optifine version.  As normal Optifine is a little behind Mojang's official release, so we'll have to get along with the beta "preview" for now.   

Grab your version here :
Edited Notes: The author has released the official version, the above link has been re...

MineCon Goes Virtual
about 1 year ago

Its MINECON Time, but the festival is delayed?

MC has officially delayed the annual festival due to Covid until 2022, so what up with this announcement? Well Mojang studios doesn't want to let us down so they are introducing "Minecraft Live" and bringing the event to our devices. Not much is posted about the event stream, all we can tell for now is it will be a "live party" and a chance for us to "interact" with the developers.

October 3rd | 12p EST

Optifine Link
about 1 year ago

Here is the link to grab the official versions of Optifine.  Remember to ignore the advertisement spam on the download page :)

1.16.2 is still in beta, just click the "preview versions" link at the top of the download page.

about 1 year ago

Thats right, the server has officially reset to a new world! 
What are you waiting on, log in now!
See you in game

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