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11 months ago
A few Reposts from discord :)

Harry's large piston door
Night Time


GamerCat's interesting find - natural village gen.

emmie's Trading Post
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about 1 year ago
Reset Weekend set for June 15

Its offical... our moderator team is near satisfied and we've added a countown to reset for Pathis Orb II (Minecraft Version 1.14.+)

Pathis Orb I:
(Minecraft Version 1.13.+) server will backup on Tuesday June 11th, in preperation for public download availability.  Any further progress made on Pathis Orb I (1.13.+) after Tuesday June 11th will not be saved/backed up prior to reset.  

I will update the community after the backup is complete (Tuesday June 11th or by Wednesday Morning, June 12th), at which point the cuffs are off and raiding/destroying can commense.

Keep an eye on discord for updates, Avalon will likely want to have a TNT party!


about 1 year ago
Creations Forum!

Feel Free to post builds from our server, or even other/older servers... just keep it to "your builds" and let us know where you built it! :)

`Note the server does not support direct image upload..  use your discord image links, or other free source such as , or other prefered host.


about 1 year ago
New Site Under Construction

Official Pathis Orb II webpage devlopment is now online. Please be patient while we prepare the sites features.


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