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Player Guide

Welcome to the Player Guide!
Here we describe the plugins and available commands unique to this server.

Group Plugin
Plugin allows you to create a group with a chosen name of no more than 12 characters.
You can invite players to join your group, promote them to moderator or even co-leader, and can claim land both in the Over World and the Nether.

You are able to "lock" certain containers and doors, making them invulnerable to damage, and can even choose which players in your own group can use them.   The current blocks able to be locked are: All types of wooden door Chests and trapped chests Hoppers Droppers Dispensers.
You can lock the block by looking at it and typing /g lock as long as it is not already locked. You will now own this lock and be the only one with access to it. Giving access to another group member is as simple as typing /g lock add while looking at the block.

When a group is first created, you will have a total of 5 claims which represent a 16x256x16 Chunk. They do not need to be next to each-other.

Permission Levels:
Groups have a leader [L], moderators [M], and normal members [G]. The leader has access to all group related commands. Moderators have access to claim related commands, inviting and kicking members. Normal members have access to the rest.

Land and Members:
The max amount of claims always start as 5 for new groups. Every week starting on this creation date, the max claims will go up by 1 as long as the group is still active. A group is active as long as there is at least one member still in the group. Members are auto-kicked if they don't log in for 21 days.

Here are the available commands ([L] symbolizes commands only available to leaders, [L, M] for leaders and moderators):

/g adjustmaxpower - Controls your group's max power and power damage
/g autolock [add/remove/public/info/unlock] - Lock several blocks by punching them
/g autolock off - Disable autolock
/g lock - Lock a block that you are looking at. Must be in your group's territory
/g lock add - Give another player access to your locked block
/g lock remove - Revoke a player's access to your locked block
/g lock public - Allow public non-group member access to the lock
/g unlock - Unlock a block you own that you are looking at
/g lock info - Show info about a look that is being looked at
/g chat - Switch chat modes between public chat, and group chat and friend chat
/g claim - Claim the chunk you are in for your group [L, M]
/g show claims - Show a list of your claims in the world [L, M]
/g unclaim - Unclaim the chunk you are in [L, M]
/g unclaim all - Unclaim all land [L, M]
/g unclaim - Unclaim a remote chunk in the world [L, M]
/g create - Create a new group
/g destroy - Destroy your group [L]
/g info [group name] - Show info about your group or another group
/g invite - Invite another player to your group [L, M]
/g friend - Friend another group [L]
/g gm - Set a message for your group members to see upon login[L][M]
/g gm off - Disable message shown to group members upon login[L][M]
/g join - Attempt to join a group
/g kick - Kick a player from your group [L, M]
/g leader - Give another player leadership of your group [L]
/g leave - Leave your group. If you are the only member, the group will be destroyed
/g map - Toggle the in-game map showing your orientation and nearby groups
/g mod - Set a player as a group moderator [L]
/g power - Show a group's current power
/g rename - Rename your group to a new name [L, M]
/g unfriend - Unfriend another group [L]
/g uninvite - Revoke an invitation to a player [L, M]
/g unmod - Revoke moderator status from a group member [L]

In-game Email:
/mail read - displays new messages
/mail send [playername] - mails your message to the player.

/jail [playername] - Puts a player in "Jail" until a mod can investigate grief and pass judgement.

Find Pet:
/find pet - Displays near by owned player pets.
/find my pet - displays your owned pets.

The following 'help' commands can be used in game for a list of commands:
/g help 1
/g help 2
/g help 3
/g help 4

Thanks to Keetrainchild for developing and keeping our plugins running , and AvalonTemple & Geekrawker for compiling the commands list.