Pathis Orb III

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Survival Builders

Who are we?
A creative community of survival builders tired of over-developed Anarchy servers.
We thrive on creative building, trading, and generally allowing our imaginations to take on their own blocky forms!

What is the Pathis Orb server?
A Semi-Vanilla experience, with a few minor additions.
Our modification is a Groups plugin, which allows groups of weary survivalists to band together in the wilderness under one name to claim chunks of territory, onto which they, and only they, can build.  Player trading is highly encouraged!
  • Rule 1)   No major grieving, changing/editing other players' builds without permission.
  • Rule 2)   No racial, highly abusive or severely profane language should be used either within this discord server or the Minecraft server itself. (PG-13)
  • Rule 3)   Hacked clients are forbidden.  Hacking/cheating/using mods that give you unfair advantage over other players are all not allowed. This includes using X-Ray.     Many of us DO use Optifine, if you want to ask whether a specific mod is allowed, contact a moderator.
  • Rule 4)   Alts/alternative accounts are allowed, but only one per player. This is to keep lag to a bare minimum to allow all other players to have full enjoyment of the server at full speed.
  • Rule 5)   0(Zero)-Tick Machines are prohibited.  This type of redstone system can crash servers, and will be shutdown immediately upon discovery.
Why choose us?
Dedicated host as well as a team of active developers and moderators, all working together to ensure the community is happy, the server is running smoothly with virtually zero down-time, and a fun experience is had by all!

How to join:
We currently have a well structured Discord server dedicated to Pathis Orb,  please follow this link:Pathis Orb Discord

You will arrive on the New Recruits Channel – let us know who you are, why you chose us, and accept that you will not grief, steal, or purposely cause offense to any of the community.  Then type !accept in the channel to unlock member status. We hope to see you soon!