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NEW EVENT! Destroy the Factory!
4 months ago

NEW EVENT!!  Destroy the Factory!  Starts Now until factory is gone!  Test out your TNT cannons and creeper fishing!   Best destruction screenshot wins! (Factory is NW of shops and west from 0 70 0 )



A few Reposts from discord :)
8 months ago

Harry's large piston door
Night Time


GamerCat's interesting find - natural village gen.

emmie's Trading Post
Trading Post

Creations Forum!
9 months ago

Feel Free to post builds from our server, or even other/older servers... just keep it to "your builds" and let us know where you built it! :)

`Note the server does not support direct image upload..  use your discord image links, or other free source such as , or other prefered host.

over 50 years ago

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